Spring Camporee

The Zombie Camporee took place on the weekend of April 27–29, at Gibson Ranch. There was a very strict schedule for every patrol due to the fact that there were over 700 people in attendance. On Saturday, the uniform of the day was the Zombie Apocalypse T-Shirt and a pair of old jeans. The zombies came over to scouts and marked them with red paint or “the infection” which now turned them into zombies. Zombies were not allowed to go back to their campsites.

All the boys had such a great time going to all the events such as tomahawk throwing, BB- gun shooting and just playing out in the sun. Later in the day there was a cleansing ceremony for all of the zombies which cured them allowing them to go back to their campsites. We sadly did not win any awards, but we did have some OA members get Brotherhood.Other 380 members were elected into the OA. Sunday morning, we packed up all of our stuff and headed back to Dave’s house to put everything away. I must say that this was the most fun and relaxing camporee that I have ever been to.

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District Dinner
Greater Yosemite Council Jamborall