Rancho Cordova Celebration of Faith

By First ASPL Aaron Rush

On Sunday, August 31, 2009, over 35 Scouts, Scouters and family members showed up for the Rancho Cordova Celebration of Faith Ceremony featuring a salute to our Armed Forces. With a member of the Marine Corps leading the way, 15 Scouts participated in the flag ceremony. The evening progressed with singing, a dance performance and prayers led by local church ministers and officials. As the evening fell, the Scouts lit luminaries while prayers were said for our soldiers and sailors in the military. Afterwards, everyone from the troop helped with the clean-up. Before the ceremony we met at Mountain Mike’s about 5 p.m. and had pizza for dinner. Then we were briefed on the upcoming ceremony and chose the Scouts that we wanted to represent us in the flag ceremony.

Taylor Simpson Eagle Court of Honor