Point Reyes Camp Out

By Paul Keefer

The troop visited Pt. Reyes May 29-31 for an excellent backpacking trip. The Scouts hiked in during the night and successfully set up camp. During the middle of the night, a sea monster crept into camp and took three Scouts out to sea. We did get them back but they were dehydrated and required fluids. Also, a meteor struck Marin County, providing an excellent show for he Scouts and Scouters alike. The food was terrific as Biba’s catered dinner and Paragary’s provided a delicious brunch. The white tablecloth affair attracted other campers from the Coast Campsites. The Scouts learned terrific etiquette skills including fork placement, napkin folding, and chewing with their mouths closed. The Scouts fished, made fishing nets, balanced equations, and recited Shakespeare. We made it back to Dave’s safe and sound!

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