Pahatsi Weekend

Wow! It was truly a special weekend at Camp Pahatsi in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains on the weekend of August 19-21, 2011. This one-time site for a Golden Empire Council Camp became the setting for a great activity planned by Troop 380. Troop 601, Troop 363, Troop 243, Troop 44 (from Nevada), Crew 380, and Crew 808 joined us for the event.

-Mike Kuykendall, Floyd Brown, and Zachary K. supervised the Lake Kilgore waterfront. Scouts and families got to fish, swim, kayak, and canoe the picturesque lake.

-Frank Shaw and his NRA friends ran an outstanding shooting range, complete with 22 rifles.

-Mike McLelland and Wei Hsieh offered tomahawk throwing.

-Charles Potter, Mike Evans, and Jon Traum lead a trek to attempt to climb Devil’s Peak.

-Thanks to our friends in Crew 808 and Troop 601 we were offered the Leatherworking Merit Badge and the Pioneering Merit Badge.

-Mac Wier and Mac Cameron worked with several Scouts on the Basketry Merit Badge.

-Mike Evans also found time to offer the Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badge too.

-Jahna Alvarado led the troops in a funny blindfolded pudding eating contest.

-We had an inspirational flag retirement ceremony with Mac Cameron and Johnie Pennington.

-Alexander M. and Zachary B. lead a fun campfire under the guidance of Neil Ishikawa.

-Daniel R. led a wonderful Scouts Own Service on Sunday morning.

-Michelle Tyler and Sally Shaw made sure we were safe during the weekend with first aid.

-Chris Ishikawa handled all the registration and kept the Scoutmaster in line.

-A big thank you to LaMar Mitchell and Don Dier who planned and cooked our meals. Also big thanks to the Kamine Kitchen Crew.

It was truly a great effort by

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