Mt. Wittenberg

by Patrick Boles

The Mt. Wittenberg Hike and campout was a smaller event with mostly newer Scouts. Daniel R. was the Scout in charge and did a fine job making sure all was taken care of. We went to Olema RV Resort and Campground just minutes from the Point Reyes Visitor Center. The hike itself was on Saturday and included several Scouts and parents who decided not to campout that evening. The hike began with a steep incline as we worked our way to the summit. It was misty with low visibility but not too cold. The most amazing part came on the hike back. Johnie Pennington asked the group to hike in silence for a while and observe our surroundings. We ended up hiking for 2 miles in total silence. All that could be heard was the sound of our boots. It was one of the most relaxing hikes one could ask for. One parent termed it the Monk hike. I was very impressed with the new Scouts that day.

Later that evening those who remained were rewarded with an excellent stew. We are blessed with some great cooks in this troop. The warm stew helped keep the cold air from making it too uncomfortable. During the night it began to rain lightly. The rain continued throughout the next morning but that didn’t stop us from continuing our adventure. After we packed up we went back to the visitor center to investigate the Native American outdoor museum (complete with sweatlodge) and then hiked the earthquake trail which was very short. By this time we were fairly soaked and ready to head home. Yet another Rim of the Bay Hike successfully completed.

William Ruygt Eagle Court of Honor
Asphalt Snowshoe