Mt. Tamalpais Hike

by Charles Potter

On Sunday, December 18, 2011, several Scouts and Scout leaders completed the Mt. Tamalpais Rim of the Bay hike. We started the hike near the Cushing Memorial Amphitheatre. Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s, this natural stone amphitheater seats 3,500 people and features the Mountain Play produced every Spring for almost 100 years. We headed on to the West Point Inn where we took some pictures and rested. There are no military cadets there. The name comes from the fact that it was built at the Mt. Tamalpais Scenic Railroad’s western most point. Near the summit, we visited the Gravity Car Barn, a museum dedicated to the Mt. Tamalpais Scenic Railroad, also called the “Crookedist Railroad in the World,” with 281 turns and curves and 8.19 miles of track. Finally, at the summit we ate lunch with a spectacular view of fog and the occasional passing cloud. You can see the photos from our trip on the Troop 380 website. I’d like to thank all of the adult leaders who drove and Matthew Brown who filled in at the last minute as the scout leader.

Bowling Night
Peace Light