Lost Coast Trail

For four days at the end of July, Andrew, Ian, Chris, Brian, Ben, Christian and Austin, along with my daughter Emily, trekked 24 miles down the Lost Coast trail. These scouts met the challenge of hiking in one of the most remote coastal areas of California. Along the way, we saw an abandoned lighthouse, bear tracks, beautiful sunsets, beach cliffs, sea lions, maybe a dolphin or two, and enough rocks to last a lifetime. The hike was a unique, ankle-testing experience. Instead of climbing over glacier-polished Sierra granite and fighting the effects of altitude, we often hobbled from rock to rock, keeping an eye out for tides and waves that continuously eroded and polished the cliffs and beach rocks. I want to especially thank the adults who went on this trip, Wei, Ben, Paul, Dave, Mike, and Dan, as their driving and supervision made this trip of a lifetime possible.

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