Klondike Derby

On the weekend of January 29-30, 2011, Troop 380 traveled to Cisco Grove at the elevation of 5,400 feet. We participated in the Capital City District Klondike Derby. The Derby is a camporee in the snow, featuring competition and events between patrols. Our two patrols competed in events reminiscent of the old Klondike Gold Rush in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks to Frank Shaw, who built two sleds for troop use, we mushed our way around the campsite and Klondike Derby. The patrols won several events during the competition. We had a great Dutch oven meal for dinner. Several Scouts built snow caves and actually slept in them overnight. The guys went to bed early since the temperatures were well below freezing. When we got up on Sunday morning there was approximately 12-18 inches of new fallen snow on the ground, tents, and cars. It was fun watching the Scouts get buried by an avalanche of snow from the trees that were covered with snow. Many thanks to Mike Evans, Neil Ishikawa, Mike McLelland, Charles Potter, Joe Reynolds, Dave Ishikawa, Robert Koeller, and Johnie Pennington for providing adult leadership for the weekend. Also a big thank you to Joe Reynolds who provided the leadership to build homemade snowshoes for the competition. It was a great weekend for everyone, because everyone survived the cold weather. By the way, only Charles Potter had to be pulled out of the snow from the parking lot. Yes indeed there was a large amount of new snow. Chains were required on the voyage home. Congratulations to the Scouts on a job well done in the competition.

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