High Sierra Trek

By Jon Traum

On Thursday August 19, we met at Sequoia school at 9:00 AM. We drove up to the Pacific Crest trailhead at Ebbett’s Pass, had lunch, and started hiking at 2:00 PM. After 7 miles, we reached Pennsylvania Creek, where we setup camp for the night. Floyd and Joe had to sleep on the ground because both of them thought that the other person had brought the tent.

The next day, we got up, ate breakfast, and started hiking by about 9:00 AM. It was a long 8-mile day with a lot of gain and loss in elevation. We reached Lower Sunset Lake, our camping spot, by about 4:00 PM. We swam in the lake, setup camp,had dinner, and then went to bed. Our Friday crew drove in, and met up with us around 8:45 PM. They also brought a tent for Floyd and Joe, but due to some miscommunication, we actually ended up with two tents, so we had to carry an extra tent for the rest of the trek! The third day we hiked 6 miles over to Lost Lakes. Right after we finished setting up camp, it started to hail! We were lucky that it happened when our tents were setup and not while we were on the trail!

The last day, we got an early start because we needed to meet up with the car shuttle. We hiked 7 miles through the Carson Pass Wilderness Area and arrived at Carson Pass around noon. After waiting a few hours for the adults to shuttle the cars from Ebbett’s Pass, we were on our way home for some electricity, a hot shower, and food that does not come in powder form.

Overall, we hiked 28 miles. It was a challengingtrek, but everyone had fun, and we are looking forward to participating in another high sierra trek in the future. A big thanks to Gerry G., Josh K., Zach B., and Casey R., who provided excellent leadership for the Trek. These four Scouts took care of all the pre-planning that went into making this trip a success. Also thanks to Denise Rollins for meeting us at Carson Pass on Sunday to help us shuttle cars.

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