Golf Night

On Wednesday, August 1, thirty-two scouts and scouters arrived at Bradshaw Ranch Golf Course for a night of golfing. Bradshaw Ranch is a nine hole par twenty-seven (you do the math) golf course. Starting tees were issued, a ‘best ball’ format was explained, then everyone was off to their boxes. Congratulations to Frank Shaw for being closest to the pin on Hole 1. Unfortunately, I was not too informative and a scout was not registered at closest. Congratulations go to Alex Mellerski for driving the ball 210 yards on Hole 7 for the longest drive for the day. At the end, the scouts tried their hand at a putting competition. Congratulations to Alden Brock and Wei Hsieh for completing the course with only 13 strokes. Our top team score goes to Team 7, Wei and Brian Hsieh and Charlie Potter with a combined effort of 29. Thanks to Dave, Chris, Charles, and Johnie for cooking hotdogs and serving chips.

Mini Trek
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