Dillions Beach

By Neil Ishikawa

Plan “D”

Capture the flag in the sand dunes, hanging out at the beach, camping next to sorority sisters, sand trap golf, eating two inch thick burnt pancakes, flying a dozen different kites, digging holes in the sand and burying Charlie and Nick up to their necks, who now have sand rash on their back side. All this and more from our plan “D” camp ground choice. A special thank you to Michael, Cindy, Robert, Neil and Leslie, who spent their Friday Night driving up down the Sonoma Coast looking for a campsite. With budget cuts to California Parks, reservations are not being taken now. So our group of leaders headed out early to find the troop a camp site. After searching Bodega Dunes, Wrights Beach and Doran Beach, they found an opening down the coast at Dillon’s Beach and Lawson’s Landing camp ground.

Also a big Kudos goes out to ASM Johnny P. for arranging a cool fly over of a couple ultra light aircraft. And thank you to all the parents that drove us there and shared some hot food with us Joe, Mary, Dave, Chris, Neil, Leslie, Charles, Johnny, Michael, Cindy and Robert.

We prepared for rain, but even though it was sunny the whole weekend, we should have brought gear for snow camping. Mark Twain was not kidding when he said, “the Coldest Winter he ever witnessed was a summer in San Francisco”, it applies well to early November, too.

The troop had not been to Dillon’s in a few years, but maybe we should head back there soon. Especially when other Scout Troops like Troop 853 from Fairfield are there and challenge us to an awesome game of Capture the flag. But just remember the old story of Trojans bearing gifts can also apply to Boy Scouts from Fairfield.

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