Cordova Food Locker

Bright and early the Monday before Thanksgiving, 14 scouts & 6 adults from Troop 380 met at the Cordova Food Locker at St John Vianney Church on Coloma. These eager scouts and adults dressed in 380 red were dubbed the “cardboard crew”. Our mission was to make sure that cardboard was broken down & thrown in the dumpster as other volunteers pasted out much needed holiday groceries to less fortunate families. We had a few scouts helping put cans in bags, some carried groceries to cars, we also had a small crew at the Turkey station opening boxes of turkeys and clearing cardboard out of the way, while a larger crew was behind scenes breaking down boxes and throwing them into the dumpster. The prized duty of the day was in the dumpster moving cardboard out of the way so we could pile more in. Our accomplishments of the day were a full dumpster of cardboard, more than 1250 turkey dinners passed out and a great sense of pride in helping our community. Along the way we met a Cub Scout Pack and some Webelos that helped our “cardboard crew”. Troop 380 shined with several compliments, thank you all for helping!

Pioneering Merit Badge
Dajion J. Eagle Project