Charlie Potter Eagle Project

My Eagle Scout project was held on the weekend of August 3-4, 2013 which took place in my garage and at the Kilgore cemetery. For my project, I built a picnic table, destroyed a car stopper and refurbished a metal sign frame. Numerous scouts and scouters arrived on both of the dates. Saturday the 3rd consisted of sanding the wood which was put together for the picnic table. On Sunday, plenty scouts refurbished the metal frame which once held up the Kilgore cemetery sign. Scouts sanded the rust off of the sign, cleaned it, realigned it and concluded with a final coating of black paint. There were two other groups, the wrecking crew and the painting crew. Seven scouts were at my house, under appropriate supervision, coated the table with wood finish. The wrecking crew demolished the car stopper that was incorrectly placed in the parking lot. My project went completely as planned except for the sign which was to be placed into the metal frame. The beneficiary insisted upon having higher quality wood than what was originally to be used. Steps have been made to work with the beneficiary and a sign building company to take care of this issue. In essence, my eagle project was done smoothly due to proper planning and arrangements thereby happily allowing me to call my eagle project a success. I would like to give one last thanks to all the scouts a scouter who donated their tool, time, and effort into my Eagle Scout project.

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