Casey Reynold Eagle Court of Honor

On February 4, I held my Eagle Court of Honor at Emmanuel Baptist Church. At 4:30, the court began and family members and old friends were introduced to the audience. From there, proceeded to the slideshow made by my Mother and I. After the slideshow was done, all the Eagles in audience were invited to the Eagles’ Nest, where they stated when they earned their Eagle award. Soon after that, I was brought out to the front to receive the award. From there I presented the pins to my Parents and Grandparents, as well as the Mentor pins to my mentors. After all the presentations were done, I shared my experience of the Scouting program to the audience and passed some advice to the younger ones still on the Trail to Eagle Scout. Refreshments were served afterwards. I would like to thank everyone who attended my Eagle Court and for those who helped to make it happen. Good luck to those still on the trail and Happy Trails to you.

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