Camp Royaneh

On July 23, we arrived at Camp Royaneh. Some of us, myself included, got in fresh from the Russian River Canoe Trip. It didn’t take long for the weather to turn sour on us, and for the first couple of days, we got anything from a light drizzle to a heavy downpour. We taped plastic over the windows of the cabins, to keep both the scouts and their gear dry. Mostly unperturbed, we went out bright and early on Tuesday to do the Polar Bear swim in the rain. Mother nature would be more conducive to our endeavor the next time, on Thursday. Throughout the week, scouts and adults alike participated in various activities and competitions, such as Gladiators, competition night, and various shooting contests. Our performance was fairly good, overall. There were multiple campfires, both campwide and in our troop; we put on the classic “Men in Red Shirts” skit for troop skit night, and had our own patrol skit night, ending with cobbler. There were mishaps here and there, and the rain did get in the way, but we came to have a good time, and we were going to, inclement weather or no.

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