Camp Royaneh

By Casey R., Senior Patrol Leader

Early on the morning of July 4th, the troop assembled at Sequoia Elementary in preparation of summer camp. The Scouts turned in their money and meds to the appropriate people in the parking lot. Once directions were given, all the participants loaded into cars and left at 7 a.m. When everybody got to the camp, we ate lunch and waited to head into our campsite. After all the gear was put in its proper place, everyone took a tour of the camp and completed a swim check afterwards. The week went by with little confusion and activities were well enjoyed. On Sunday, some parents arrived unannounced so we had plenty of seats for the trip home. Overall, we had more drivers on Sunday than we had on Saturday, but nobody was lost on the way, and the Scouts enjoyed their trip to Camp Royaneh.

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Lawrence Goedrich Eagle Court of Honor
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