Camp Meriwether, Oregon

A big thank you to the adults that took a week of their time to spend with the troop at summer camp.  Our gratitude goes out to Rommel Aguil, Vince Arias, Ben Heningburg, Ray Meek, Chris Nunes, and Steve Pennington.   You are truly a wonderful group of scouters.  You made this a great experience for all our scouts.  Also big thank you to Mac Weir, Jennifer and Derek Trettenerro, Matt Okamoto, Michelle DeLalio, Mark Huber, Lynch Family and the No Family for providing rides to and from Camp Meriwether.
The camp out on the beach and the beach party were highlights for the week.  Taylor L. headed up a team of sand castle builders and the troop was recognized for their efforts.
The Pacific Ocean is very cold at 6:00 AM in the morning.  Congratulations to all our Polar Bears (33 scouts and 5 adults).
The Scouts completed 64 Merit Badges with 59 partials.  With a little work the partials will be completed in short order.  We will pass out partial merit badge cards soon, so scouts can complete their badges.   Both Matthew M. and Ben Heningburg did us proud at the rifle range, earning the Dime Award (cover 5 shots with a dime).  Also Matthew earned the Frontiersman Medal for his work at Fort Clatsop.  Lucio D. was awarded the Obie Ranger Kenneth Wells Award as the top scout in the Obie program.  Lucio was also presented with a special hat as our Scout of the Week at camp.
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