Brannon Island

We had a successful campout at Brannan Island in the Sacramento River Delta, near Rio Vista. The campsite is a spacious family campsite about an hour from Sacramento. On Friday evening Ben lead a flag retirement ceremony. Saturday morning Sam (the Brown’s exchange student from Belgium) cooked crepes for everyone. Luckily we had plenty of ingredients to make up for the batter unceremoniously tipped in the dirt by your’s truly, Peter B. Also thanks to Dave for thawing the Nutella inadvertently left in the cooler overnight. Bowron Lakes scouts and scouters honed their skills and got a good workout paddling in the strong Delta breeze both morning and afternoon, while the rest of us practiced compass skills in the morning and went for a hike in the afternoon. Around sunset scouts played a hectic game of capture the flag, followed by Dave’s dutch oven peach cobbler before an early bedtime. Bowron Lakes campers were up at crack of dawn for another workout in the wind while the rest cooked breakfast before packing up camp. Thanks for all the help from Phil with the cooking, Ben with the compass work and hike and Lance as scout in charge.

Golf Night
Summer Court of Honor