Bowron Lakes

Our longest road trip in Troop 380 history happened during the past summer. Sixteen adventurous scouts and leaders traveled to Bowron Lakes Provincial Park in British Columbia. Driving almost 3,000 miles took in the sights on the way to this beautiful park located in the Caribou Mountains. With stops in Vancouver, Victoria, Kamloops, and Seattle the canoe crew had a great time. The travelers were joined by the Rybarczyks, Evans, and Keefer families, on the tour. Floyd Brown, Ian C., John D., Andrew E., Mike Evans, Bryan H., Wei Hiseh, Dave Ishikawa, Ben K., Luke K., Paul Keefer, Chris N., Joshua PR, Kim Perry-Reed, Charles Potter, and Max R. completed the 76-mile canoe trek and portages. The guys saw moose, bear, eagles, osprey and lots of mosquitoes. It was a trip of a lifetime.

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