Almost 70 scouts, parents, friends, and siblings met at the new Strikes Bowling Center in Elk Grove on Monday, December 29, 2008. 50 of the participants bowled, shared pizza and soda, and received game tokens for the huge new arcade. Everyone enjoyed the colorful facility. The new complex will soon sport an indoor synthetic ice skating rink, work out facility, indoor soccer arena, indoor wave pool (for surfing), ski diving wind tubes, and more. Troop 380 has some good bowlers and some that need some work, but it was good time for all. Here are the results:

High Games Scout

Gerry Goodie 127

Andy Schiele 100

Joshua Kamine 100

High Games Adult

Bob Mellerski 201

Roberta Pennington 163

Elizabeth Trimm 152

High Game Sibling

Kirsten Carlson 76

Best Effort Adult Karen Williamson

Best Effort Scout Matthew Brown

Thank you to Gerry Goodie and Dave Ishikawa for making arrangements for this excellent holiday activity.

Aquatics Day