Bodega Bay

We arrived at Bodega Bay and quickly set about the somewhat arduous task of setting up tents in the strong winds.

We woke up in the morning to a breakfast of pancakes, and then went geocacheing with Mike. We found three geocaches, and a geocoin which we planned to deposit in another cache during another campout. We came back, and set about heating water for instant noodles. The noodles might have been instant, but the water took some time.

After that, most of the scouts and adults went down to the beach. Dan R., my Dad, Mr. Evans, and myself, on the other hand, went up to the headlands to get a good view of the sea. We came back, prepared tacos for dinner, had a campfire with skits and songs from each of the patrols, and ate delicious peach cobbler courtesy of the adults. We also retired several flags in the campfire.

Fair Oaks Cemetery
District Dinner