Angel Island

by Ben H.

On November 15, 26 troop members were driven to Tiburon to have lots of fun at the Angel Island State Park in San Francisco Bay. When we got to the mighty island, everybody helped out to do a successful service project. When we finished, all the bikers used their bikes to go to the campsite while the hikers hiked up to the campsite. After everyone arrived to the campground, the people going to the Philmont trip in 2015 walked to the peak of Mount Livermore. While arriving safely, the hikers took a beautiful look at San Francisco during a picture perfect sunset then they came back down to eat tasty a Mountain House dinner. While everyone was cleaning their eating utensils, Dave announced that there will be a night walk and the night walk was a blast! Seeing the lights of the city was a beautiful sight to see along with all the animals around us. During the bone-chilling night, everyone was stuffed in their sleeping bags like pigs in a blanket until the bright sun rose to awake everybody. When the sun came up everybody ate quickly, packed up, and left to come back home. When everybody arrived to the cars safely and tired, we went back to Dave’s house, dried the tents, and went home to enjoy a Sunday afternoon.

Winter Court of Honor
Matthew Brown Eagle Court of Honor