Advancement Day

Advancement Day was Saturday, November 18th.  We met at the Scoutmaster’s house beginning at 8:00 AM (7:00 AM for those needing cooking for advancement).  Our goal was to work on advancement and re-organize the sheds, evaluate equipment and clean up.  This was a project for ALL Scouts in Troop  and Crew 380, not just those working on advancement.
Advancement:  We offered the following advancement opportunities:
  • Cooking – TF, 2nd, 1st
  • Tools – TF, 2nd, 1st (knots, knife & axe, stoves, fire, lashings)
  • Navigation – 2nd, 1st (map, compass)
  • Fitness – TF, 2nd, 1st
  • Citizenship – TF
  • Leadership – TF & 1st Class
  • SM Conferences / Boards of Review

The turnout was great. We were able to have many Scouts complete advancement requirements and at the same time do a thorough cleaning of the storage sheds and evaluation of troop equipment.

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